Standards & Certifications

KRH adheres to the highest standards when conducting its core functions. For the Human Resources services, the Company sees that they are sourcing qualified candidates from its network of manpower hubs. Throughout the supply chain there are quality checks to see that the workforce sourcing meets TRACE standards, which is the world’s leading anti-bribery standard organization.

KRH demands from all its supply hubs to maintain the highest level of human rights consideration and standards. It is proud to have fortified its position for having its Zero Tolerance Policy amongst both contractors and suppliers, towards any action or behavior that negatively affects the safety, liberty or assurance of basic life needs of our staff and project employees alike. KRH’s performance has been rewarded with the CTIP certification which focuses on Combatting, Trafficking in Persons.

These certifications apply even when the workforce has been deployed from their countries arriving to the clients’ locations. KRH sees that the workforce is taken cared of with matters such as accommodation, transportation, catering, hygiene and medical attention.

Prior to activating their role, KRH Academy sees that the workforce has been trained in the highest standards in quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE). The level of attention and care in the training and onboarding process has awarded the Company ISO certifications namely ISO 2015:9001 for quality management, ISO 2015:14001 for environmental management system, and ISO 45001:2018 for occupational health & safety management system.